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Monday, October 10, 2016

Feeling Fall In the Air and Life Updates

Hello friends and happy fall to you!
I decided to take a few minutes to check in and let you all know I am still alive. LOL!
Most of you probable heard about Hurricane Matthew hitting Florida as well as other states on the east coast. Fortunately for my area, we didn't suffer any major damage. We had some wind and very little rain. Other areas if Florida were not so fortunate. As bad as it was on our east coast though, I feel so bad for Haiti. Those poor folks had nowhere to go and the death rate there is staggering. My prayers are with them. 

Due to the hurricane approaching and not truly knowing how bad it would be in my area, school was cancelled Friday, which gave me a 3-day weekend. I had a lazy day Friday and played around with my Heidi Swapp light box that I purchased a few weeks ago. I bought some beautiful clip art on Etsy and designed a fall sign.

Here it is unlit. It was glaring in the photo so I had to turn it off. It adds some fun to my buffet vignette.

I didn't purchase anything to decorate with this year. I just dug out all my stuff from the shed and picked some favorites to use. I love this wooden pumpkin and the Scrabble tiles. 

I also love the fall colors with my favorite aqua blue color.

Here's the light box again.

The china cabinet just got some fall foliage and the banner I made a few years ago using tags and grapevine twigs.

I finally used my chalkboard blocks I purchased from the Target dollar spot several weeks ago. 

A couple items on the bookcase. I would like to put some fall colored candy in the pumpkin, but I would be too tempted to eat it!

The table centerpiece.

Another candy dish on the bookshelf. Yes this one is empty too.

And here is the entire room. I draped a floral garland around the chandelier above the table to add some more color. I love how it turned out, 

I also changed up my kitchen shelves a bit. I added some branches to the milk pitcher and placed a fabric pumpkin beside it. Sorry about the quality of the photos. It was dark when I took these and even when it isn't I don't have good natural light here in the woods. Anywho, I was excited to find a set of saucers and small bowls to match my fall plates and large bowls that I got a couple years ago. I found them at TJ Maxx for $7.99 a set. So, I fibbed when I said I didn't purchase anything new. I forgot about these. I placed a set of vintage glassware beside them that belonged to my hubby's granny. They have orange, yellow, and green bottoms and match perfectly. I thought we might use these dishes more if I left them sitting out, and I can enjoy looking at them as well. They are so pretty and the colors are so vibrant.

And that is all I have today my friends. I do have a couple blog posts planned to share. Hopefully I can carve out time soon. I am happy to report that I am still working out 3 days per week with my trainer and getting stronger every week. My goal this week is to start walking on the days I don't work out now that the weather is cooling off. My workouts are outside and I work up a sweat in this lovely Florida humidity, so I haven't felt like walking and sweating too. I know that's not a very good excuse, but baby steps! I am sad to say I have never been a very active person so the fact that I am working out hard 3 hours a week and loving it is huge for me. I feel so much stronger than I ever have! I am really hoping to get up to North Georgia to see the fall leaves on the trees and go hiking at the end of the month. I have always wanted to do that and never have. Hopefully this is the year! I am excited about and loving life more than ever. I have some good news about my daughter, Miranda too. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but she works for a travel company about an hour away and is loving her job. It is her favorite job yet. She is hoping to move  closer soon. Also, she is dating a very nice guy and they have really hit it off. She is happy and doing well and I am so happy for her! We recently celebrated her 27th birthday and just a few days later, on October 8th, the hubby and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and can't imagine life without him. 
I hope you have a delightful week! 
Until next time.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All Aglow About My New Light Fixture from Parrot Uncle!

Who doesn't love a gorgeous light fixture? After living in a mobile home for over 20 years with downright ugly very plain light fixtures, I had a ball picking out pretty ones when we started remodeling a few years ago. We have successfully remodeled every room in our home except our master bedroom and bathroom. We hope to finish them by the end of the year, but I thought I would share one small project we completed. 

Over the summer, I was contacted by the nicest guy from a company called Parrot Uncle. I had heard of this company before and had even looked at some of their lighting. Of course, I discovered them after we had already bought the lighting we needed for our previous remodels.

 I thought their fixtures were beautiful and very affordable compared to other companies and I was planning to check with them when I was ready for lighting for the master bed and bath. 

Well, even though we weren't quite ready to start the remodel, I couldn't pass up the offer of one of their gorgeous light fixtures in exchange for an honest review. I was told the amount I could spend and I immediately started looking and trying to narrow it down to three or four I loved. After much deliberation, I finally decided on this one.

I received the light fixture several weeks ago and we just didn't have time to install it until recently. Thanks to Hurricane Hermine and a few extra days off work, we finally got it done!

Let me just say...I am in love with it! After having a ceiling fan light fixture in my room for over 26 years, I am enjoying having this gorgeous, stylish light fixture to gaze at from my bed. 

The quality is very impressive for the cost and the assembly was easy as well!

I love the design it casts on the ceiling. It is by far the prettiest part of my room now. 

This fixture came with more of the crystal pieces to hang from the bottom but we liked it better without them. I will save those beauties for another project. They are really large...around 5 inches long. 

I am in love!

Here it is unlit. Not the best quality photo but it is just as pretty.
If you are in the market for new lighting, I would highly recommend Parrot Uncle, just click on their name. They have something for everyone!

Click to be taken to their website.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my most recent project. I really hope to get to work on our bathroom & bedroom soon. Hope your week is going great! Mine is flying by...two more days until the weekend. 

Take care and until next time.....

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Catching Up!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted. It has been a whirlwind around here lately!
I went back to work early this year due to the fact that my district is revamping our calendar year slightly. So, instead of mid August, I went back on the 3rd! That would be the reason I haven't been around much recently. I'll share a few snapshots from August with you today and I will be back very soon to share a quick project we just finished, as well as a few classroom photos.

Thought you might enjoy a recent picture of my fur babies...Sadie and Rooster say hello!

Here's one of my little cuties this year. Her mom is one of my co-workers. I always take first day pictures to send home. This year I have decided to take a picture every month of each of my kiddos to send home at the end of the year.

Miranda and I went to a few thrift stores a couple weekends ago. I couldn't resist this set of glasses.

We are big Christmas Story fans, so for $1.99, these had to come home with me. They should make for a fun tablescape this Christmas.

The glasses and a dress are all I bought for myself. I hardly ever go thrifting these days.

I still need to share more on my bullet journal. I will try to do that this month. I really liked this layout for a couple weeks ago. It was so colorful. I enjoy using watercolor paint in it. 

Last weekend, my my sister and I, along with our daughters and my mom went to Saint Augustine for the day. We had a delicious lunch, did a little shopping at the outlet mall, and enjoyed some time at the beach. It was a fun girl's day out! 

My nieces, Taylor & Shelby, and  my daughter Miranda.

Wish I was there now!

Sopeaceful and pretty! The day was just beautiful. 

My son Dakota raced that night and I wasn't there since I went to the beach, but he won his first race. Proud Mama here. :)

The next day, we went to buy groceries and do a little shopping. I have been wanting to start collecting Rae Dunn mugs and I found these two at TJ Maxx. I am on the lookout for more. I just love them.

Here is my kindergarten team....from left to right....De, Kaloa, Sue, Kaycee, and yours truly. 
I LOVE my team. We have so much fun together! And, all of us, except Sue workout together too. Poor Kaycee slipped and fell during a lunge a few weeks ago and dislocated her knee and hurt her ankle. She's on crutches for a few weeks. That happened the day after this picture was taken. :(

You may have heard that Florida was just hit by Hurricane Hermine.  Schools were closed here Thursday and Friday and my school was opened as a shelter. We haven't had a hurricane come through here since 2004. Hermine came through my area, but we had no damage and never lost power. It was pretty scary with all the rain and wind but we are far off the coast so we didn't get the worst of it. I wish I could say the same about the rest of my county. Our coastal towns were hammered and there was a lot of loss. Fortunately, there were no lives lost. Homes and businesses can be rebuilt and replaced. Lives cannot. The photo below was taken yesterday....the day after the storm passed through. It was a beautiful day. We have had rain most of the day again today though.  Lots of folks are without power and will be for quite some time. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by Hermine are appreciated.

Today, I went to my workout. Fortunately we made it through before the rain started. I am still loving working out. I feel so good after each one and I am getting stronger every day. Most of the day has been rainy and I have been working on little projects. I finally finished organizing my movies. So happy about that!

Each movie has a dot that matches the dot on the divider. I am hoping this will make it easy to put them back in the correct spot. 

I hope you are doing well. I really am hoping to get more active on my blog. I also need to visit you all. I have been trying to keep up reading, but don't always have time to comment. I am hoping to catch up soon. I plan to post a little project Monday so be sure to come back and see.
Until then, have a blessed Sunday and Labor Day. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Trip to Charleston, SC

Hello friends! I'm here today to share my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina. This was my first visit but I hope not my last! I am only about 5-6 hours away from this delightful, historical city. The hubby and I, along with Miranda took a short but sweet trip up there a couple weeks ago. We had a wonderful time. We left on Monday and returned Thursday evening but we packed a lot of fun into our trip. We will begin with our first evening in Charleston. We stayed on King Street which is a really popular street in historic Charleston. We looked up places to eat supper within walking distance and came upon this gem. 

Yep, a bowling alley! Not your typical bowling alley fare served here though. Check out this amazing burger I had. I always go for something I've never had...typically with lots of unique ingredients and flavors. I love flavor filled food. This was the Vermont burger. It was a beef patty topped with Vermont white cheddar, thinly sliced Granny Smith apple, bacon, maple mayo, and arugula. It was amazing! I plan to recreate it here at home someday!

After we ate, we walked around a bit. In fact, we walked everywhere we went in downtown and put in about 7 miles per day! I missed my workouts this week but we walked so much and I hit the gym in the hotel one morning to make up for it. 

The firehouse was so pretty!

We got up early the next morning and started walking with no particular destination in mind. We explored most of the historic area that day. There are so many pretty buildings up and down King Street which house stores, businesses, restaurants and such. 

This bookstore was very nice. The front room housed books about SC and Charleston as well as books written by authors from SC. 

It was one of the most dog friendly places I have been. Check out the fountain for adults, children, and dogs. :) Many of the businesses keep bowls of water on the sidewalk for dogs as well. So neat!

We saw pretty parks and fountains.....

amazing old architecture.....

check out that skinny little building with the burgundy awning!

We ate a Greek restaurant for lunch but I had shrimp and grits. I like to try them at different places. None compare to the shrimp and grits from Jonah's (in Thomasville, Ga.) though!

We found City Market and walked through all of the buildings. I believe there were 4 or 5. They are lung buildings with vendors set up along the sides.

 I bought two Christmas ornaments at the market.

I forgot to take a picture when we went in the first building, but this is the last one.

We walked down to the water in search of the pineapple fountain....

and found it! The pineapple is the symbol of hospitality and this city did not lack in that area. 

I was amazed that people were allowed to play in the water. That is usually a no-no.

We sat on a bench in this lovely park where the fountain was located and took a break before we headed back to our hotel. We had walked 3 or 4 miles in 9 degree heat and humidity! The heat index was over 100! I was kind of wishing I had brought my swimsuit for the!

These huge window boxes were gorgeous and overflowing!

More pretty architecture.

Loved this vine covered building!

We stopped in at Woofgang Bakery and bought Sadie and Rooster a treat to take home. 

We were pretty exhausted from all the walking and heat so we ordered pizza in the hotel that night and were lazy!

The next day we headed out on foot again to take a historical coat tour of the harbor. I got a phone call while we were sitting in front of the Aquarium saying the tour had been canceled due to lack of participation. Bummer! But, since we were in front of the aquarium, we decided to go there. Here is a picture from the outside.

There were many different sea creatures inside as well as many SC native animals.

Here's my favorite marine animal.

And here I am touching some type of little shark.

After we left the aquarium, we walked next door to the Fort Sumter Museum and toured inside. 

After we left the museum, we headed back to our hotel to rest for a bit before heading out to North Charleston to see a movie and eat at Boxcar Betty's. We saw The Secret Life of was super cute. After the movie, we went to Boxcar Betty's to try one of the famous chicken sandwiches. I chose to add lettuce, tomato, and pimiento cheese to mine. Oh my, it was delicious! I am so glad we drove across town to try it. 

We returned back to the hotel with full tummies for our last night. 
We got up the following morning, got ready and packed to head out to Magnolia Plantation. this is one of the oldest plantations in the US. It is home to the oldest garden and is the place where camellias and azaleas were first introduced to the US. 

While waiting for our trolley tour, we visited the petting zoo. There were a variety of animals to look at and pet. This lazy guy never did come all the way out...:)

A turkey and deer were drinking from the same trough. LOL!

A tiny alligator...about a foot long.

A funny goat!

And a sweet deer who liked to nuzzle your ears. 

There are a variety of flowers and there were several types blooming while we we there.

This is actually a pond covered in something called duck weed. The small platform you see has two small gators sunning on it.

Our trolley tour guide had fun playing with this huge, horned beetle that crawled across a boys foot while we were on board. He stopped and got out to tell us about it. 

Here is the plantation pretty!

My favorite part of the plantation was this beautiful bridge.

A nice lady offered to take our picture together.

My beautiful daughter, Miranda.

Another bridge the reflection.

And one of me before we walked across.

We enjoyed our tour of the plantation but after three days of extreme heat and about 15 miles of walking, we were pretty tired and ready to head home. 

We had to stop at the most adorable little country store on the way. I had seen it when we were driving in on Monday and told myself I would stop on the way home. It was the cutest thing!

And, since I had not had any special sweet treat while we were gone, I bought a praline and a Cheerwine for the ride home. It was delicious!

We had a wonderful few days and made lots of new memories. I do hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. Mine is quickly coming to a close. I officially go back to work on August 3rd! We go back early this year due to some changes in our district calendar for the coming year. I am not thrilled about it but I do enjoy having more routine in my life, and I had a great summer so I can't complain. Thank you for visiting, and as always.....